Meet Jef Vandenhout

I came to Leuven in the 1970s to study at KULeuven. Despite always being passionate about history, I pursued a technical education. After completing my studies at KULeuven, like many others, I chose to continue living near Leuven. Besides history, the city became my second passion. Leuven is truly the place to be. Due to extensive travel for work, I began to understand why people seek background information about what they see. The history of Leuven, particularly the history of traffic, increasingly captivated me. Hence, I pursued training as a regional guide for Hageland and a city guide for Leuven, both recognized by Tourism Flanders. What I offer is a guided walk through Leuven, highlighting its key features with a focus on the history of traffic. Traffic has influenced our daily lives for centuries, from horse and cart on the unpaved streets of the Middle Ages to the recent implementation of a city with little car traffic.

I guide in both Dutch and English.

Contact details

0497 518236