Didier Spruyt


You, visitor of Leuven, might have discovered the must-sees and touristic hotspots. As a certified guide, and thanks to an intense collaboration with my fellows of Lots-of-Leuven (LOL), I shall try to shed some new light on surprising or hidden places and forgotten histories. Or, take you along into unusual associations, fed from the rich past and vibrant future of this city. I strive to give visitors a pleasant walk and experience, with interactive talks, fun and a good story.

Stories colour a historical background. They linger in the heads and make revive stones, facades, streets and trees.


I would very much like to guide you on the following topics:

  • Modern City, Ancient green: show me a tree, and I will tell you a story.

  • Extra Green: the Botanical Gardens

  • The lost city-walls and fortifications.

  • Leuven in the 21st century: a developping city, what green is there left? Interesting times!

  • Leuven upside-down: The French revolution is in town

  • Leuven science: how the University has it's role to play in science and technology

  • See and watch Leuven: Statues and Symbols in the city


We are open to bring a tour that suits your wishes.

Together with Karina, we can bring a unique tour as a couple, shedding light from different angles and bringing never-seen dynamics to your tour.


Topics can be combined at will, tours can be shortened. 


Hope to hear from you soon!