Brigitte Degeest

Are you constantly thirsting .. for learning, understanding and excited discovery? Do you have an insatiable desire for sparkling knowledge, tingling experiences and continuous wonderment?

Do you love being swept away by thrilling stories about Leuven/life past and present? Then you’ll be in good company when you go off with me! Your ‘Lookee here!’ enjoyment comes first for me

Walk the criminal path in Leuven!

Do you love crime and punishment in a historical context, suspenseful stories, enchanting myths, and heart-pounding true crime? Then book my guided tour “Crime incorporated”.

During this two-and-a-half-hour walking tour, you’ll discover the city through ten images with compelling crime stories. You will come across colorful street art as well as imposing statues and modern sculptures. From the Provincieplein to the beating historic heart of Leuven on the Oude Markt, this captivating route takes you on a journey through the dark side of the city.

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