Ivo De Keyser

Born and raised 25 kilometres East of Leuven, Ivo De Keyser became familiar with the city as a teenager before moving there almost 20 years ago.

​He has always had an interest in society, socio-cultural life, (art)history and architecture. And a passion for making people more aware of the world that surrounds them.

As a staff member at the KU Leuven, the university, with all of its historic buildings and fascinating past, are of particular interest to Ivo.

The same can be said for the neighbourhood in which he lives – “Het Nieuw Kwartier”, which literally translates to mean “The New Quarter”. This district in the south of the city is known for its modernistic 1930s Art Deco architecture and it is with great pride that Ivo guides both individuals and groups around this fascinating and lively part of the city.

An experienced tour guide, accredited by Tourism Flanders, Ivo taps into a wealth of knowledge and passion for the city he calls home in order to offer walks that meet a range of interests for visitors to Leuven and the university for which it is celebrated.

Contact details

+32 (0)485/62.75.52