Kristin Vandaele

After very pleasant student years in the Dijle city, I stuck around in Leuven – like so many of my compatriots from far-off West Flanders.  Actually, I know Leuven better than the city where I grew up. And because I like to share my enthusiasm, I have since become an accredited Tourism Flanders guide. You can book me for tours in Dutch, French and English

Join me on a discovery tour of the urban fabric that lives and has constantly developed to the rhythm of its inhabitants.  Who used to live and work here, what remains of the past and what will the future hold? 

New projects also receive critical attention: what is their added value for today’s residents – how do they fit in with what has been there for centuries – and how are they interwoven with their surroundings.

Broadening your view is my aim: look upwards, decipher codes, the answer to a question is not always far off, ….  This is how history reveals itself in interaction, becomes a story..

Leuven is not just the inner city. Heverlee, where I live, also has many surprising corners with fascinating stories to tell.

For the many expats working at IMEC, Gasthuisberg and the University and who are residents in Heverlee-Terbank and the surrounding area, I worked out a tour in Terbank in English.

Information: TERBANK – Lots of Leuven

Other guided tours that I would be happy to arrange for you are the highligts of Leuven and the domain of Park Abbey.

Contact details

+ 32 496 585 075